Welcome to CCEonTrack! We have survived this school year, and now it’s time to take a deep breath. We’ll need more than the usual time to rest from this year. When crisis hits, as has the pandemic where all schools moved online, we majored in the majors just to accomplish a day’s work. What first things first emerged from quarantine? My book helps explore that very topic amongst many others.

What hidden treasures did God have for you these past few months as you taught online, stretching to reach all those kids who had previously been just a few feet away from you and were now in the virtual world? What unexpected gifts did God have for you as you administered a school in crisis?

It was an adjustment for me with my small homeschool CCE tutorial, but after a few weeks, we reached a new normal. I loved seeing my students’ writing in process and being able to quickly redirect mid-stream with our technology assists. I enjoyed seeing my students interact on Google Duo (saw more of that sibling rivalry that was lost on me before!). In fact, the most exciting part was when the students started talking with each other about their writing and becoming a circle of writers. I shared about writing my book, they helped each other with paragraph construction, positive group critique ensued – the class slipped out of just my hands and emerged into a dynamic learning experience. Praise God!

Despite all the hurdles, what do you wish to keep from this year as we move forward? What was gained that you never had had in a “normal” classroom experience? 

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