Kathleen F. Kitchin

Hello and welcome to my website! I have been an educator for 20+ years and have taught in classical Christian schools, both homeschool and homeschool tutorials, community college, & public school, as well as volunteered & long-term substituted in classical Christian schools. Both my adult children were trained in the classical Christian model through all three stages of the Trivium – grammar, logic, & rhetoric. My husband David & I live in North Carolina where I love to garden, read, canoe & kayak, chat with my neighbors, and build teams for critical ministry needs, like at our local pregnancy resource center and at a refugee center near Atlanta. I love the Lord Jesus Christ, my husband, my family, my church, & my friends. I look forward to meeting new people through this book. My bedrock is Jesus and learning from His Word.

People ask me what grades I have taught. Just about all of them, if I include volunteering, substituting, & regular teaching. I love them all! I have taught a range of subjects but specialize in English, literature, history, writing, yearbook, & journalism.

In fact, this book was really a journalistic endeavor of sorts. My journey through this topic of keeping first things first so that classical Christian schools can keep on track began when my former boss told me I should write this book. I declined, but four years later, the Lord made it clear: God called me to write this book, and I dared not refuse. This book has been prayed over every step of the way, and the Lord has introduced me to marvelous educators, board members, & pastors to whom I am indebted.

I invite you to read my blog, get a taste of the chapters, & consider purchasing First Things First: Keeping Your Classical Christian School on Track, available in both softcover and eBook formats! Please see the Publications tab on this website for more content and purchase information.