I am overwhelmed by your excellent work on the book!  It is full of essentials that are not readily available for classical Christian educators, boards, and administrators, and yet all of them are included in this very book.  Thank you very much for following the Lord’s leading in your pursuit of writing valuable ideas, observations, and practical ways to get back on track. Excellent, outstanding, user friendly!!!!!  The organization of the book is a model of the classical modes of persuasion, canons of rhetoric, and of a solid and clear thesis statement.  … Your research is thorough.  Your writing is accurate.  The Lord is glorified!

Your work is beautiful and a testimony of God’s work in your life and your desire to please Him by encouraging those in the classical, Christian trenches to evaluate the present, prepare for the future, repair the errors, and quickly get back on track.  

I am so proud of you, proud of your work, honored to have observed your faithfulness to God in this journey, and honored to be your friend and colleague.  

To God be the glory!

-Laura Tucker, founder of Educational Diagnostics
teacher, administrator, reading specialist, & nationally certified educational diagnostician